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Our construction company, based in the area of Gythion, in the prefecture of Laconia in southern Peloponnese, designs and constructs projects in the greater area of Laconic and Messinian Mani. Many years of experience in building construction ensures the successful completion of the projects and our client's trust and satisfaction. In 2015 our common respect to nature and craftsmanship lead to our cooperation and we create while being inspired from the unique character and beauty of the area. 

Yiannis Aivaliotis, Building contractor, Gythion, Mani, Greece

Yiannis Aivaliotis is born and raised in Gythion and has been working in the construction business since the 1980s building new projects and renovating buildings in the greater area of Mani. He is very experienced in applying various materials according to their characteristics and in the latest technological advances but also in traditional building methods. Due to this knowledge and his 'out of the box' thinking he is able to address complex construction issues. His cooperation with architect and designer Irene Kandianis achieves direct and integrated project design. 

Irene was born in England and raised in Athens. After graduating from Vakalo Interior Design School in 1990 she continued her studies in England, getting degrees in both Interior Design and Architecture and completing them with a Diploma and Masters Degree in Architecture. She worked freelance cooperating with various architectural offices (Potiropoulos D+L Architects, Dolihos Architects etc.) and in 2004 she was appointed in the Prefectural Planning Office in Gythio and was able to get to know closely the area and Mani's unique architectural characteristics. In 2012 she moved to Switzerland with her family and returned 2 years later to Greece and freelance work, based in Athens and Gythio.

Irene Kandianis - Architect - Interior Designer - Gythion Mani Greece


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Mobile: +30 694 5152797

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E39 Sparti - Gythio National Road

23 200

(Gythio entrance) - 1st Floor


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