Yiannis Aivaliotis, Building contractor, Gythion, Mani, Greece

Our construction company, based in the area of Gythion, in the prefecture of Laconia in southern Peloponnese, operates since the 1980s building projects in the greater area of Mani. Many years of experience in building construction ensures the succesful completion of the projects and our client's trust and satisfaction.

Our cooperation with architect and designer Irene Kandianis achieves direct and integrated project design.

Irene Kandianis - Architect - Interior Designer - Gythion Mani Greece


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Mobile: +30 694 5152797

Tel: +30 273 3772261

email: yaivaliotis@icloud.com

E39 Sparti - Gythio National Road

23 200

(Gythio entrance) - 1st Floor