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  • Architectural & interior design
  • Drywall systems
  • Wooden floors & staircases
  • Kitchen cabinets & wardrobes
  • Window replacement
  • Roofs - Pergolas
  • Waterproofing & insulation
  • Cement, masonry wall and rendering repair
  • External & internal painting
  • External thermal insulation systems (facades)
  • Conventional & energy efficient fireplaces

Recognising our clients needs we provide services which combine aesthetics and energy efficiency upgrade in buildings with the lowest possible construction cost. We design in detail, we specify the appropriate products which are then applied by our experienced construction team using fully professional equipment. As a result we achieve long term durability and maximum return on the money invested in the construction. We undertake the restoration of old stonebuilt tower houses with care and respect to tradition, along with modern design and innovative solutions. We renovate hotels, residential and commercial spaces using tested brand materials as: 

  • Knauf Drywall systems

  • Knauf, Mapei, Bauer Thermal insulation systems and facades

  • Sika, Mapei, Isomat Repair products and sealants

  • Dow, Fibran Thermal insulation products

  • Alphawood, Parkellas, Kronos, Eltop wood products

  • Vivechrom, Dulux, Vernilac, Keim, Sikens Colours    

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